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Sellers Area

Every Seller has their own dashboard where they can add products for sale and see their entire business at a glance.

Here is a list of things that a seller will see on their dashboard.

Home: This is where you can find the seller dashboard
Edit Profile: This is where seller’s can edit their information e.g seller tax, payment email, store currency, etc..
Profile: This is where seller can view their profile like public users can see.
Inbox: This is where you receive emails from your customers
Customers: This is the area where you can see the users who bought your products.
Store: List of all items in your store
Categories: View, add and edit product categories which are used to group products.
Files: This is where seller ‘s manage the files in their stores.
Attributes: Manage product attributes and option variants in your store such as sizes and colours.
Terms: Manage the terms and conditions for your items.
Sales: The list of orders in the seller store.
Coupons: Manage discount coupon, rebate offer, gift card in your store.
Sales Report: View detailed statistics of the sales.
Support: Tickets can be submitted from your dashboard

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Welcome from Michele Partridge

Hello my name is Michele Partridge and I just wanted to write my first blog to you all to welcome you to what I believe is going to be an amazing and exciting new place to come along and feed your passion for all things bear. For the past 20 years or so I have had a passion for collecting, designing and buying wonderful fabrics to make bears.

Over the past 10 years I have noticed there has been lots of changes in the bear world – magazines that used to be in our shops seem to have gone on line and a lot of the more traditional shows in UK seem to be different now – not quite as busy as they used to be. It seems that the technology is moving us forwards and making it easier to access things on a global basis …..so much now can be obtained on line from bears, mohair and other fur fabrics, to even learning on line courses etc…..

We seem to be living in a fast pace more technological world that can feed our passions but also might have a down side where we lose the “art of conversation” actually being able to talk and meet with a real person. I feel it would be great to encourage more of this to happen at The Teddy Bear Shows – then it will be a win win situation whereby we can access what we need on line and have all of the technology at our fingertips – but still at the same time be able to go and see our favourite artist at a show. I am not sure if you have noticed something is missing at the shows or if it is just me – but I feel some kind of boost is required.

I would welcome your feedback on this subject. Please feel free to email me with your thoughts on this.

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